The WISE Prize

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Mission of WISE, Qatar Foundation. is centered on promoting and protecting education, as well as encouraging excellence, so that quality education becomes accessible to all.

The WISE Prize for Education they established will reward an individual - or a team of up to six individuals working together - for their outstanding and world-class contribution to any level or area of education in any part of the world. Their work should have made a major change in the world of education and had a lasting impact on a significant scale. Nominations are accepted from institutions only and only till April, 30d.

An International Jury of five distinguished individuals will consider the 15 final nominations and select a winner who will receive an award of $500,000 and a gold medal.


Powerful Math tool

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 Microsoft Mathematics 4.0, which is no charge download, is a serious upgrade to version 3.0. It is designed to offer users a graphing calculator capable of plotting both in 2D and 3D, but also offering equation solving capabilities along with step-by-step instructions of the process.

The calculator is just like a normal hand held, but a lot more powerful. The tutorials and interventions are really effective and simple to understand.In addition, Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 comes packed with a range of additional tools that are bound to come in handy to students dealing with math and science studies.

Students can learn to solve equations step-by-step while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus.


Tips on Becoming a teacher

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On ADPRIMA site teachers may be find lot of materials, which are “easy to digest”. The site was created to help those who just started working as a teacher to become more effective. It is all about pragmatism, about what works and what doesn't work.

ADPRIMA is a Latin phrase that may be translated as "toward the best," and that is what this site strives to accomplish. Here you will find practical straightforward information on such diverse topics as learning objectives, curriculum, instruction, learning, thinking skills, lesson plans, teaching, home schooling, colleges, education services, and resources. Site also contains lot of links to books and applications that can be helpful.


Take your class on twitter

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 Kelly Tenkely is a teacher from USA who has been devoting time during past years for integration of technology in the classroom. One of her last projects is taking a class on twitter. She claims that students can use Twitter to be connected to a global learning community and will have an opportunity to reflect on their learning, and parents in their turn will have an opportunity to follow their child’s learning, in new meaningful ways.

If you want tell the wide communities about what makes your school special using social media tools (which in fact do not make a good broadcasting platform) try to follow Kelly’s advice.


Now your words won’t lost their personal touch

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 This is a fun site. Pilot Handwriting lets students turn their handwriting into a font of their own. The site is easy to use: print the template for students to fill out, take a picture of the completed template with a webcam (scanner and digital camera options also available), click on individual letters to adjust the look, save the handwriting by creating an account, click “let’s write” to use the font. Writing completed on the Pilot Handwriting site can be emailed.


Salman Khan - Let's Use Video to Reinvent Education

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 Salman Khan, founder of the wildly popular Khan Academy, recently gave a talk at TED. As you might expect, Khan does tell the story of how he started the academy but that's not the main point of his talk. In his talk he gives examples of how teachers are using Khan Academy to use classroom time more effectively, provide more data to teachers about their students, and provide students with more individualized instruction. Khan concludes his talk with how technology can be used to humanize classrooms and learning worldwide. Watch the video and get some good ideas from it.


Fun grammar games and videos

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Grammaropolis is website designed to help elementary school students learn the parts of speech. Grammaropolis features cartoon characters that represent nouns, verbs, adjectives, and other parts of speech. Students can click on any of the characters to read that character's story. After going through the character stories students can watch videos about the parts of speech and play games about the parts of speechThe games on Grammaropolis could provide a fun way for students to review their knowledge of the parts of speech.


Learn about earning and spending

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MinyanLand is a platform with a virtual community designed to entertain and educate a young generation so they understand the concept of a market and the basics of economics and finance on a real world level.

The world was conceived by Minyanville, a leader in financial infotainment and home to the icons of Wall Street and finance, "Hoofy" the Bull and "Boo" the Bear. Joining the effort is the Council for Economic Education, the nation's leader in economic and financial literacy.

“Our mission is to help address the gap between classes created in part by the financial illiteracy of many in our country, if not the world. The site will be sponsor-supported to keep it free and open to as many children as possible.”


World spelling day

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This truly unique event is brought to us by the same folks who hold World Math Day. This year (2011) World Spelling Day is taking place on March 3.

This is a fantastic way to promote spelling within your school. Past events show that students will make significant improvements in their spelling skills and have fun in the process.

Schools can register as many or as few students as they wish from when the site opens on 1 February. Students play at home and at school against other students around the world in live games of spelling. Each game lasts for 60 seconds and students can play up to 100 games, earning points for their personal tally. The students who answer the most questions correctly will appear on the Hall of Fame.


One-stop resource for material about Europe

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The official website of the European Union introduced “Teachers’ Corner” quite a long time ago. And now lot of inspiring categorized teaching materials about Europe produced by various EU institutions and other government and non-government bodies are collected there.


World Math Day

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It is March 1st which means that World Math Day is here!! The official competition runs for 48 hours, as long as it is March 1st somewhere in the world.

World Math Day is a live worldwide math competition for students. Students login to the World Math Day site and compete against each other in real time to see which country can answer the most mental arithmetic problems the fastest. Each game lasts 60 seconds and students can play up to 100 games.


iPads Become Learning Tools for Students with Disabilities

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There is a list of applications for the Apple iPad that work well helping children with autism communicate.

A combination of Down syndrome and apraxia—a sort of disconnect between the brain and the mouth that results in slow or jumbled speech—makes it difficult for kids with this disease to form words that others can easily understand. Using an application on the iPad called Proloquo2Go, kids can scroll through pictures or choose from phrases and sentences she uses often, and the computer speaks for them.

These days, the 6th grader in USA, who has been labeled as having an emotional disturbance, can spend hours using another iPad application called Math Ninja, which starts off with a brief game, then presents one problem at a time.

Special education applications have been in such demand that Apple created a page within its apps store to showcase them.


Class Blogs - Blogs for Classrooms

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Class Blogs is a blogging service based on the WordPress Multi User platform. Users can create as many free, ad-free blogs as they like. This means that for someone who teaches multiple sections of a course, each section could have its own blog. Class Blogs also aims to be a LMS by offering you the option to create, distribute, and grade student assignments online. If Class Blogs delivers on all that it promises it could become a central location for all of the online materials you use in your classes.


YouTube is Replacing Reading

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Borders Group, a leading specialty retailer of educational and entertainment items in USA, is closing its stores due to bankruptcy. As it is mentioned in Official Webtrends Company blog, the case is an evidence of the fact that people simply don’t read as much anymore.

The new generation is watching, listening and creating the replacement to the written word - Interactive media. “User Generated Content” pages of YouTube, Twitter and Facebook are “the first stages of the (r)evolution of laymen communications”. And we should embrace these changes instead of spending energy fighting against something that isn’t going away.